Initially I sketch the design on my sketch book and then sketch on the materials, such as lino, plexiglass, wood and zinc.  Next process is to carve on the materials.  Then I have a test print to check if the stamping is okay.  Therefore the process of design, sketch, carving and stamping is uqite time consuming.  To ensure a best quality of the print, I use Italian Fabriano paper, Zecchi and Schmincke oil base ink.

Hence I only make a limited prints.  In this case, each print is unique with its own character with slight variations as the stamping process is done by my hands.  Each print is dated, signed and numbered with limited edition.


Price: 59,00 EUR
Since the zodiac of Chinese year 2021 is Ox, I will make a series of ox. This is the first etching of ox.