Jomay was born in Hong Kong, lives and works in Florence Italy.  In 2016, Jomay moved to Florence to pursue her dream to be a professional artist.  Jomay finds her inspiration and artistic life in this amazing city of Renaissance.  She is influenced and inspired by impressionism and loves painting en plein air.  In particular she loves painting the cityscape around this beautiful city with enriched historical monuments and architectures as well as painting by the Arno River.



Bsc in Economics and Management at University of London, UK

Diploma in Jewellery Designing at Baptist University, Hong KOng

Certificate in Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) at Florence Classical Arts Academy, Florence, Italy

Level I of Visual Arts (Painting) (equivalent to Bachelar degree) at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy


Selected Exhibitions

Art and About, Sai Kung, Hong Kong 2016

Lipislazzuli curated by Eugenia Vanni and Fabio Cresci, Prato Italy 2017

Kit di sopravvivenza curated by Fabio Cresci and Matteo Innocenti, Florence Italy 2018

Final year exhibition curated by Fabio Cresci and Matteo Innocenti, Florence Italy 2019

Libertà di Espressione curated by Roccart Gallery, Florence Italy 2021

The Future Art by Associazione Arte Bellariva, Florence Italy 2021 

Immersa nei colori del tramonto.

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